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The Dislings Start A Podcast: The Extra Magic Half Hour

Hey, if your reading this, welcome! We are so pumped you are here. Long story short, My sister and I love Disney. We were not the typical Disney family growing up who went every year. To be completely honest, both my sister and I grew our love for Disney at different points in our life, my interest was more recent. While we know there are a ton of Podcasts out there talking about the latest news on Disney, snacks, D23, and so on. We felt we would bring another niche of Disney to the masses. Maybe not even an niche, but an invitation to join our Disney family in our online community. So we started this Podcast "The Extra Magic Half Hour." They are not always a half hour but they are filled with fun, love, and lots of Disney. We come at experiences from different angles and so siblings should lol, but its always a great time.

We are not here to make money, but to bring a community together. I was recently oblivious to the culture and draw of the Disney family and I hope to share that with anyone willing to listen.

Anyway, I feel like I am rambling at this point. Welcome, we are so pumped you are here!!

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